Ata Uslu


6c 6f 76 65 6c 79, right? ;)

Hi! Ata here. I’m a network science PhD student at Northeastern, working at the intersection of computer science and social sciences. I double-majored in CS and EE at Koc University in Istanbul. I love everything about social networks and politics, and on an average day, I try to make sense of them with large amounts of data. My advisor and mentor is David Lazer.

Before my adventure in Boston, I used to be a software development intern at BMW in Munich (2016), and a team leader for Turkish Airlines IT governance&security department in Istanbul (2018-2020). Then I returned to academia.

I completed my first research project as early as high school, in the field of Combinatorics, and my formulas were awarded the Karl Menger Award by American Mathematical Society in Los Angeles, and by the Scientific Research Council of Turkey in Ankara. Now, after a decade, my work (particularly for CHIP50) is covered by the Atlantic, CNN, NYT, WP and some others.

This was just a quick summary. For fun: here is what AI thinks about me (v: GPT-4o).